China is our most aggressive adversary in the world. They actively engage in reckless global economic policies that undermine America’s national security interests and creates leverage against countries we count as critical partners and allies.

China poses a multitude of grave threats to our world, ranging from their gross abuse of human rights, their advocacy for censorship, and their global propaganda threatening democratic institutions that govern legitimate governments. I support a rebalancing of American foreign policy that meets these threats, reassures our partners and allies of America’s leadership, and decouples America and our allies from China in 5 key areas: national security, economy/energy, competitiveness, ideology, and technology.

As Mayor of Miami-Dade County, I saw how state-owned Chinese companies maneuvered to bid on contracts for pieces of infrastructure important to our communities and our nation.

I strongly support initiatives to incentivize bringing American companies back to our country from China, specifically in industries related to national security and public health such as pharmaceutical supply chains and the manufacturing of personal protective equipment (PPE).


Passed Legislation

Congressman Gimenez voted yes on the following:

  • H.R.7314 - Assessing Xi’s Interference and Subversion Act

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