Our communities in South Florida and all across the nation are blessed with rich natural resources that must be developed in a way that is environmentally conscious and sustainable for future generations. I support an all-of-the-above approach to domestic energy production with a focus on research, and deployment of new, clean energy technologies that ensures all Americans have access to affordable and reliable energy sources. 

I oppose offshore drilling, especially off the coast of Florida. We must continue to work towards innovation and development of next generation energy sources. I am a strong supporter of free market solutions that protect our environment and innovate our economy to make renewable and clean energy as affordable as, and ultimately cheaper than, traditional energy sources for American families.

As Mayor of Miami-Dade County, I put an emphasis on installing more solar panels, improving our public transportation and making our streets more bike- and pedestrian-friendly to get more cars off the street. I will continue to advocate for policies that invest in sustainable infrastructure and encourages more use of public transportation.

I have cosponsored Preserving the Gulf Test Range to Ensure Military Readiness Act to prevent energy exploration and development that would jeopardize the Gulf Test Range. America must also maintain energy independence through an all of the above approach and stop relying on our adversaries abroad for oil and gas. President Biden went to OPEC countries earlier this year and requested they increase production instead of boosting production domestically. Biden has been at war with American energy independence since his first day in office. Biden scrapped the Keystone XL pipeline, (killing 11,000 jobs) and signed an executive order to review and rescind Trump’s pro-American energy rules.

Now more than ever there is a growing need for American energy independence. On the global stage, energy is leverage. Let's put America back in charge and produce more energy right here in America. 


CoSponsored Legislation

H.R.6858 - American Energy Independence from Russia Act-addresses U.S. energy security, the production of oil and gas, and the importation and exportation of oil and gas. Specifically, the President must submit an energy security plan that (1) evaluates U.S. crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas imports and exports; (2) assesses the energy security risks of such imports; and (3) includes strategies to encourage increased domestic production of crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas to offset Russian imports.

H.R. 7115-Small Scale LNG Access Act of 2022-expedites the approval of applications for the exportation of natural gas that do not exceed 51.75 billion cubic feet per year. Specifically, the bill deems such applications to be consistent with the public interest and requires the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to grant the applications without modification or delay. However, applications for exportation of natural gas to any nation subject to sanctions imposed by the United States may not be expedited.

H.R. 7460-ONSHORE Manufacturing Act-requires the Secretary of Energy to establish a program to incentivize investment in facilities that carry out the metallurgy of rare earth elements. 

H.R. 684-Keystone XL Pipeline Construction and Jobs Preservation Act-authorizes the TransCanada Keystone Pipeline to construct, connect, operate, and maintain the pipeline facilities in Phillips County, Montana, for the import of oil from Canada to the United States.

H.R. 2836-Florida Coastal Protection Act-prohibits the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management from offering any tract for oil and gas leasing or preleasing in the following areas: The Eastern Gulf of Mexico Planning Area that is within 125 miles of the coastline of Florida, The South Atlantic Planning Area that is south of 30 degrees 43 minutes North Latitude, or the Straits of Florida Planning Area.

H.R. 4696-American Shores Protection Act- extends a moratorium on oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico through June 30, 2032 and expands the moratorium to include the South Atlantic Planning Area and the Straits of Florida Planning Area.

H.R. 5707-PROTECT Florida Act-prohibits oil and gas exploration and leasing on the Outer Continental Shelf in certain areas off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida. Specifically, the bill extends the moratorium until June 30, 2032, on oil and gas exploration, preleasing or leasing in certain areas of the Gulf of Mexico

Passed Legislation

Congressman Gimenez voted yes on the following: 

  • H.R. 6968 - Suspending Energy Imports from Russia Act
  • H.R. 7776 - Water Resources Development Act
  • S.66 - South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act

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