America’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy. The only way to keep pushing the ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit of the American people is by lowering our taxes, reforming our legal system to stop undue liability for businesses, cutting unnecessary and burdensome regulations, and fostering an unparalleled, world-class business climate.

I know we can do it in America because we have done it in Florida. Florida has shown that we can continue to grow our economy by following these principles, all while generating more revenue in the state. As Mayor of Miami-Dade County I implemented fiscally conservative measures to balance our budget, save property taxpayers $1.9 billion and grow Miami-Dade’s job market.

With these experiences, I understand firsthand the importance of keeping our corporate tax rate low. I oppose any efforts to increase it above 21%. I also oppose increasing tax rates on corporations and small businesses as a means of paying for new spending and oppose the implementation of an annual wealth tax.

I support policies to incentivize American companies to bring back their businesses and factories to the United States from adversaries like China.


Passed Legislation

Congressman Gimenez voted yes on the following: 

  • H.R.1603 - Farm Workforce Modernization Act
  • H.R.447 - National Apprenticeship Act
  • H.R.7694 - Strengthening Subcontracting for Small Business Act

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