America’s immigrants are an incredibly important part of South Florida’s soul. They play a crucial part in our region’s economy and have influenced virtually every aspect of our lives. The reality is that the lives of most people in South Florida, and our entire country have been shaped by immigration. That diversity and sense of community must be respected in a way that secures our borders for national security purposes, maintains fairness for all Americans in employment opportunities and access to government resources, and protects core American values.

I support allowing undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows and be placed on a path to legal status so that they can receive their work authorization, get a driver’s license, and send their children to school.

Amnesty is unfair. I do not support blanket amnesty that gives undocumented immigrants citizenship. Any individual who wants to receive American citizenship and all the benefits that come with it should do it the lawful way, starting in their country of origin, and within the allocated quota system.

Border security is paramount and must be done in parallel with immigration reform. I support policies that put more resources into curbing illegal border crossings and keeping illicit drugs and criminal activities off our streets. Border patrol and law enforcement officials must have the tools they need to enforce law and order in our communities. I oppose local government officials stopping law enforcement officials from enforcing federal laws. Sanctuary cities have no place in our country.

I oppose efforts to reduce current immigration levels. I am supportive of an increase for employment-based visa programs such as H-1B as long as it doesn’t take away from Americans. It is vital that employers are able to fully staff their businesses and deliver results for the American people. 

Individuals who came to the United States at a young age with no say and no choice in their arrival to our country, who have studied and worked hard to get ahead, and have been an integral part of our communities, should not be forced to go back to a land they barely know. I also support the continuation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

I also support policies to extend Deferred Enforced Departure to Venezuelans who reside in the United States. For them to be returned to Venezuela would be to subject them to even more brutal treatment, condemning them to a life of persecution, stripped from their most basic freedom, and fearing for their life.


Passed Legislation

Congressman Gimenez voted yes on the following: 

  • H.R.3985 - Allies Act
  • H.R.6 - Dream Act: I joined with several other Republicans in the House of Representatives in voting for the American Dream and Promise Act to extend legal protections for DREAMers. These protections allow DREAMers to get a driver’s license, go to school, legally obtain work, own a home, and fully integrate into the country they consider home. The legislation was by no means is perfect and I strongly advocated in favor of the Senate to eliminate the faulty provisions in the bill. The majority of Americans support extending protections to DREAMers, and by politicizing the process the way House leadership did, we are only making it more difficult to build on that consensus and deliver meaningful results.


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