A Letter from Congressman Carlos Gimenez

The past few weeks, I met with local officials and servicemembers from all over Monroe County to survey the substantial damage Hurricane Ian caused to the Florida Keys. Many residents were left with flooded homes, damaged property, and debris disrupting basic utilities such as water and electricity. 

Far too often, Monroe County gets overlooked by federal agencies. I am standing firm as your Congressman in Washington to ensure the Florida Keys are getting the resources residents need. Here’s what my team and I worked on to get full assistance for Monroe County:


Getting Monroe County Full FEMA Assistance


Monroe County is now designated as Category A, meaning we are  eligible for individual and public assistance along with debris removal. By getting the ground cleared, we can quickly eliminate immediate threats of significant damage to properties in the Florida Keys, restore important utilities, and lay the groundwork for safe rebuild of our local infrastructure.

Previously, Monroe County was not included in President Biden’s list of major disaster declaration areas in Florida. This declaration triggers the crucial federal funds and resources for counties most impacted by Hurricane Ian. Given the substantial damage Monroe County had sustained, I sent a letter to the Biden Administration urging them to add Monroe County to the list of counties set to receive full individual and public assistance from FEMA. I also joined the rest of my Florida delegation colleagues on a letter to President Biden urging the inclusion of all of Florida’s 67 counties to be eligible for federal resources, including Monroe County. 


Connecting Residents with Federal Agency Resources

Several federal resources exist to help residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, including financial assistance for small business owners through the Small Business Administration, Disaster Relief loans, and debris removal and individual assistance through FEMA. My South Florida district office stands ready to assist anyone who needs help in connecting with these resources. Please contact my office: 305-222-0160.




Carlos Gimenez

Member of Congress