WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Carlos A. Gimenez (FL-26) introduced today the Migrant Protection Protocols Act. The legislation amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to codify the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which ensured migrants were returned to Mexico for the duration of their immigration proceedings and were given a notice to appear in an immigration court instead of being let loose in the country.

“Under the Trump Administration, the Remain in Mexico policy forced the Mexican government to be a reliable partner in stemming illegal migration throughout the region by forcing Mexico to enforce its own border protection with the rest of Central American countries. The policy worked. The policy made sense. Our communities and our families were safer because of it.

The weak and gutless decision by the Biden Administration to reverse the Remain in Mexico Policy incentivizes Mexico to pass its border security responsibilities to the United States rather than dealing with the influx of migrants from Central and South America at the Mexican border.

Right now, the vast majority of migrants seeking asylum from their home countries are not actually from Mexico, but rather, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and even countries such as Cuba, Haiti, and beyond. If the true intent of these migrants is to seek refuge from brutal regimes and harsh living conditions in their home countries, then it would make sense for them to apply for asylum in Mexico rather than engage in the dangerous and treacherous journey to the United States,” Gimenez said after introducing the bill.

The legislation is cosponsored by Representatives Chris Smith of New Jersey, Kat Cammack of Florida, John Rutherford of Florida, and Ted Budd of North Carolina.

“President Biden’s disastrous border policies—including and especially his reversal of the Trump Administration’s effective Remain in Mexico policy—constitute a grave national security and humanitarian crisis that continues to put the lives of so many at risk. This critical legislation will codify President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy and help mitigate the Biden Administration’s open border agenda—an agenda that significantly jeopardizes the safety of the American people and emboldens human traffickers and those bringing deadly fentanyl across our border,” Congressman Smith said after supporting the legislation.

“The Supreme Court’s decision to end the Migration Protection Protocols was a devastating blow to our border and national security. One of the only remaining tools at our agents’ disposal, the border crisis will only worsen without the necessary steps taken to safeguard MPP and its demonstrated success. I’m glad to join Rep. Gimenez and my colleagues in enshrining MPP into law and returning law and order to the southern border with this important change,” Congresswoman Cammack said after cosponsoring the legislation. 

“As a member of the House Appropriations Homeland Security Subcommittee, I am focused on protecting our national security and promoting fair and effective immigration policies. The President’s open border policies are making our communities less safe, and the reinstatement of catch-and-release has allowed hundreds of thousands of migrants to be released all over the United States. The Migrant Protection Protocols Act will reaffirm our commitment to national security and public safety by giving us time to vet migrants before allowing them into the country,” Congressman Rutherford said after supporting the bill.

The Migration Protection Protocols Act of 2022 has been endorsed by FreedomWorks, a renowned conservative advocacy group.

“President Trump's Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) represented one of the most successful immigration policies in recent memory. Unfortunately, President Biden has attempted to terminate it since his first day in office. Congressman Gimenez's Migrant Protection Protocols Act of 2022 requires MPP to remain in effect, and represents a commonsense solution in response to the Biden Administration's outright refusal to enforce immigration law,” FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon said after endorsing the legislation.


To view the legislative text, please click here.